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Domestic Heating Oil thefts

Dear Resident,

Issues surrounding the supply and the price of domestic heating oil are very topical, with reports that the price of oil has risen by as much as 70% in recent months. Recent thefts in the Sevenoaks District have prompted your Neighbourhood Policing team to re-issue crime reduction advice to owners of oil tanks.
There are a number of steps you can take now which will deter thieves:

• If you fit a padlock to the tank, it’s worth spending a bit more on the best quality you can afford. A close shackle padlock is the most difficult to attack with bolt croppers and saws.

• There are special tank locks that you can purchase, that clamp over the filling valve.

• Consider installing a valve security lock or an audible alarm, which triggers when the level within the tank drops faster than it would under normal conditions. There is a cost attached to these (around £100) but it will be relatively small compared to the cost of refilling the tank.

• In the longer term defensive planting of a few well-chosen plants and shrubs, putting a lockable cage around the tank and installing security lights are worth considering. Lights don’t have to be high powered, they just need to be bright enough to illuminate any suspicious activity.

Advice is available from a number of websites and other sources including the Oil Firing Technical Association who can be contacted by ringing 0845 658 5080 or visit

The thefts we are aware of have been in rural locations and a vehicle would be needed to transport the fuel so please be alert to vehicles you have not seen previously and make a note of registration numbers.

The same Thing is happening in Arizona. Tim easton, the owner of a prestigious real estate firm warns all home owners running on gas’s and oil for heating that everyone may be in risk with the rising prices of natural gases. He also wants to inform that many Prescott homes for sale run on oils and gases for heating and power and wants to make sure everyone takes the correct measures to stay safe.